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Pedigree 3

The Shirts.

Rare is it for a t-shirt to last someone a lifetime or to even be desired for that long. Part of that is due to the cheap materials - cotton absorbs moisture and cheaply fades and synthetics wear out. But the luxury materials that are tried and true from our past - wool, cashmere, silk  - all age in a wonderfully unique, personal way. Like a barrel of whisky aging overtime, so too do our shirts.

We've taken natural materials with experimental designs to not only push t-shirt innovation, but to create lifelong garments, each with a story.

Every year we create very small-batch t-shirt releases, each time attempting to push the limits of conventional design in a new way. Every t-shirt is handmade in Toronto by our team and is given a unique identifying number to mark its place in the batch and it's uniqueness.

We look forward to you becoming an owner of a piece of our passion.