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Pedigree 2

The Why.

Gran Manitou draws its inspiration from Canada’s early fur traders, the Coureurs de Bois. The very foundation of Canadian culture lies in their lifestyles, their dress, their attitudes. These men of limitless ambition explored, experimented, and lived on the periphery.

Our ambition is to be on the edge of the oft-overlooked wardrobe staple - the t-shirt. The average t-shirt, whether $10 or $100, is made of cotton, and increasingly, synthetic fibres and blends. ‘Luxury’ gets labelled on shirts that are 10% cashmere or special Peruvian cotton, but they are still the same old shirt. We’ve become accustomed to the dullness of the t-shirt because there is no passion for it. It is merely for the completion of an outfit or the lazy attempt to stand out. And frankly, Canadians just are not lazy people.